Risk Management4


We see beyond standard requirements to anticipate our clients' long-term challenges. Our innovative tools aid in the accurate assessment of risk, including better ways to identify populations, facilities, and infrastructure most at risk, as well as the estimation of potential economic losses. As trusted advisors and strong client advocates, we provide risk evaluation and management services to a diverse array of private and commercial clients, as well as local, state, and federal agencies. We work closely with specialty contractors to help reduce risk proactively and protect critical operations, infrastructure, and key resources from natural and human-caused hazards.

Building a Customized Threat Profile

Vulnerabilities such as gaps in security systems or operational procedures, combined with a viable threat, create risk. We determine the impacts - whether financial, life and safety, or reputational - to develop an acceptable and manageable level of risk, identify key resources needed to operate at a minimal level, and develop mitigation measures to reduce the potential for future damages.

We provide scenario-based risk assessment and management strategies that take into consideration public policy, planning and zoning, codes and standards, and resource management. Strategy evaluation is based on benefit-cost analysis that incorporates estimated economic impacts, regulatory and implementation costs, and stakeholder acceptance. Outreach is developed and evaluated simultaneously.

Risk Communication

Our team of risk communication and geospatial web development professionals specialize in creating custom solutions for data dissemination and visualization. Our staff knows how to interpret and communicate hazard data to the public, leading to better understanding of the hazard environment, and in turn, risk reduction. Services include support in the design and implementation of risk communication strategies tailored to stakeholders' needs through the development of training workshops, collateral materials, and innovative web- and social media-based communication tools designed to increase awareness and understanding of risk.

Dewberry® Services
  • Gap assessment
  • Impact assessment
  • Risk resource identification
  • Mitigation measure development
  • Benefit-cost analysis
  • GIS data dissemination and visualization
  • Hazard data interpretation and communication
  • Design implementation support
  • Stakeholder training workshops
  • Collateral materials development
  • Web and social media tools development