Oxford Wastewater Treatment Plant

Meeting Level 1 Water Standards
Oxford, North Carolina

We enhanced operations and upgraded existing systems at the Oxford Wastewater Treatment Plant to come into compliance with regulations set by the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. With the purpose of meeting level 1 reclaimed water standards, this project required a new influent pump station and various plant upgrades. Our services included designing additional sludge handling facilities, preparation of a 201 facilities plan, wastewater treatment plant expansions and upgrades, a clarifier condition assessment, and equalization tank planning.


new 400,000 gallon aerobic digesters


2.2 million gallon long term sludge holding basins


MGD increase in wastewater treatment capacity


linear feet of 24-inch diameter effluent gravity outfall

The facility was upgraded from 2.17 millions of gallons per day (MGD) to 3.5 MGD and included the design of an effluent gravity outfall sewer. Other upgrades included a new headworks structure, oxidation ditch, clarifier, tertiary filter, disinfection equipment, plant instrumentation, sludge return station, outfall structure, and the renovation of an existing secondary clarifier with new mechanical equipment. Additionally, we completed the planning, funding, design, and construction administration services for a million gallon equalization tank, which provides the city with operational flexibility to reduce peak flows during wet weather events.


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