Dewberry Portals

This portals page gives selected clients, project team members, and Dewberry staff access to non-public information.

Extranet Team Sites

Collaborative websites built using Microsoft's Windows SharePoint Services. Dewberry creates extranets for many projects that involve a large number of contractors, client representatives, and Dewberry offices. Selected staff, clients, and contractors only.

Outlook (Office 365)

Allows Dewberry employees to check their email from any computer, anywhere. Directions are available for staff members who have not used it before. Dewberry Staff Only.

Dewberry Intranet Access

Lets employees who are not at the office visit the company's intranet to check on the latest company news, access company forms, and obtain other needed information. Dewberry Staff Only. Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or greater.

File Sharing Site

Used to share large files with Dewberry clients. In order to use the File Sharing Site, you must obtain a username, password, and URL from your contact at Dewberry. Use your internet browser to access the file sharing site. The Dewberry File Sharing Site is compatible with most modern web browsers. If you have questions or problems transferring files, please contact our Help Desk at 703.849.0530.


Dewberry's recommended ProjectWise client software versions for connecting to our ProjectWise systems. These software installation packages are provided for selected staff, partners, clients, and contractors only.