Pennsylvania State University

Dean Meyers Memorial Scholarship

Dean Meyers was a 20-year civil engineer with our firm. He graduated from Penn State University with a degree in civil engineering in 1975. A victim of the Washington-area sniper attacks, he was shot and killed at a Manassas, Virginia, gas station after working late one evening in October 2002.

Our company established a memorial scholarship in Meyers' honor in 2002. We have matched the many generous contributions of his co-workers, clients, associates, and friends, and the fund is now a permanent endowed scholarship at Penn State University.

Oklahoma State University

Our long-term relationship with Oklahoma State University and our commitment to the fields of engineering, architecture, and technology allow us the opportunity to give back by creating this permanent endowment fund.

Virginia Tech

We established this scholarship in honor of the victims at Virginia Tech in the spring of 2007. Our owners matched the many generous contributions from employees, clients, associates, and friends, and the fund is now a permanent endowed scholarship.

Danville Community College

This endowed scholarship provides financial assistance to a Danville Community College student seeking transfer to George Mason University or Virginia Tech (first choice); the University of Virginia, Old Dominion University, Virginia Commonwealth University, or Virginia Military Institute (second choice); or is an engineering student enrolled in the Associate in Applied Science program seeking entrance into the engineering field directly after graduating from Danville Community College (third choice).

Old Dominion University

This scholarship, established in November of 2015, is awarded to a full-time student in the College of Engineering or in the civil engineering discipline.