Our technology services professionals help clients solve real-world geospatial, engineering, environmental, and community problems. We start with individualized assessments of our clients’ requirements. Then we evaluate alternatives, costs, and benefits, and help our clients develop solutions with the highest return on investment with state-of-the-art technology. 

Right-Sized Solutions

Our developers design geospatial applications for mobile, web, and desktop for federal, state and local, and commercial clients. We listen to understand client goals, work in collaboration to conceptualize alternatives, design and build a solution, and then implement it within our clients’ organizational guidelines. We create right-sized solutions that work with our clients’ needs and systems.

One unique capability our firm offers is DimensionalView®, a map-based project management tool that links clients to their managed assets within the land development, real estate, infrastructure, power, and oil and gas sectors. By integrating project content and data from any geographic location into one spot, we are making project management collaboration easier, allowing you to view progress and change in real time, access information on your schedule, and ultimately help to reduce your project’s time to market.

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Our Services

  • Application and tool development
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) 
  • Data analytics
  • Data modeling and visualization
  • Data storage and management
  • Geospatial technology
  • Remote sensing
  • Web site development and hosting


Our firm owns and operates advanced remote sensor, lidar, and drone (sUAS) technology, including:

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