We're an industry leader in assisting clients with the management and resolution of myriad environmental challenges. Our diverse capabilities include providing NEPA documentation, permitting services, research and Section 106 coordination, environmental surveys, environmental constraints analysis, and technical report development. Our expertise in soil and groundwater contamination, landfill services, indoor air quality, asbestos and lead issues, historic architecture and archaeology, as well as natural resource conservation and wetland restoration and creation, are increasingly critical given the brighter spotlight on enhancing global sustainability.


Our interdisciplinary approach positions environmental professionals elbow-to-elbow with design engineers early in the planning process to identify site constraints, work in a fully collaborative effort to avoid encroachments into constraint areas when feasible, minimize unavoidable environmental impacts through design solutions, and provide cost-effective mitigation strategies to obtain the necessary authorizations to move the project toward completion.

A key element of our approach is recognizing the critical role that regulatory agencies and the public play in project success. Our seasoned outreach specialists and environmental staff help us engage with stakeholders so that we can develop successful projects that enrich our communities.

Cultural/Natural Resources

Clients turn to us to navigate the complicated maze of permitting, approvals, and regulations that have been developed to conserve our planet's beauty and resources. We know the regulations and the regulators and work with local, state, and federal agencies to shape regulations that protect the environment while supporting economic growth. Our natural resources scientists and engineers develop strategies that accommodate capital improvements and development while adhering to low-impact development principles. We provide wetlands delineation, permitting, and mitigation planning, stream restoration, arboriculture, threatened and endangered species compliance, water quality-related studies, and water resources services.

Solid/Hazardous Waste

While solid and hazardous waste work is frequently regulatory driven, the fundamental objective is to improve quality of life and the environment. We develop analyses and alternatives based on science, engineering, and technology while balancing the range of issues at play, including benefit-cost values, funding availability, schedule constraints, anticipated regulatory changes, and long-term liability.

Our approach is to cut through the red tape and indecision common to the industry by delivering practical decisions, not just reports. Public and private clients rely on our environmental engineers and scientists to support them in revitalizing brownfields, facilitating capital improvements, closing long-standing contamination cases, and managing multi-site environmental programs. In each case, our decisions are developed with the goal of reducing environmental footprints.

Dewberry® Services
  • Air permitting
  • Contaminated site investigation/remediation
  • Due diligence/Phase I
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental permitting
  • Environmental planning (NEPA)
  • Historic preservation/archaeology
  • Program management
  • Public involvement/agency coordination
  • Solid waste management
  • Stormwater
  • Threatened and endangered species studies
  • Wetlands services