Post-Hurricane Harvey Disaster Analytics

Identifying Hurricane Recovery and Reconstruction Needs
Houston, Texas

We partnered with Civis Analytics to work with the City of Houston to analyze direct and indirect costs resulting from damage caused to residential and commercial structures by Hurricane Harvey. Our data analysis is helping the city to identify and prioritize the citizens who need assistance, and to efficiently apply for reimbursements from state and federal government funding sources.


additional hurricane victims identified

$16 billion

in residential damages calculated

$2 billion

in additional federal recovery funding requested

We developed the Houston Estimation and Analysis of Loss (HEAL) platform—a cloud-based system implemented on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure platform which aggregates data, analytics, tools, and visualizations in a web-based environment that key city stakeholders can use for decision-making. Parts of the platform are made directly accessible to other stakeholders, including detailed maps to facilitate maximum data sharing. The HEAL platform uses analytical models to estimate total damage and unmet needs, such as economic impacts to residents, impacts on businesses, and secondary impacts on the community.

In total, we identified an additional 130,000 Houstonians impacted by the storm who were previously unaccounted for and nearly $16 billion in total residential damages. In addition to helping the City of Houston better understand and serve the needs of its residents, findings from our analysis are being used to build a case to state and federal officials for additional recovery and reconstruction funding.

More key takeaways from this effort can be found in the City of Houston Updated Needs Assessment for Hurricane Harvey Fact Sheet.

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