Energy demands drive the growth and resilience of our nation's businesses, industries, and communities. As a leader in energy consulting services, we apply decades of experience in the power, oil and gas, and energy industries to support critical infrastructure and facility needs.

Meeting the Highest Standards

Our services range from plant subsystem integration and design, to transmission and distribution line surveys, to 3D site/civil design and visualization program development for substations and transformer sites, and from energy audits to renewable energy design. We collaborate closely with clients, upholding their standards in meeting technical, economic, safety, and environmental requirements. We maintain an extensive corporate safety program and provide job-specific training in tandem with our clients' safety programs.

Varied Expertise

We offer a host of services, including those to support the energy industry by applying renewable energy expertise, and state-of-the-art energy modeling, analysis, design, and commissioning services for buildings and process plants. Our experienced team of mechanical, electrical, structural, and plumbing engineers is proficient in the design of efficient, cost-effective systems; and includes Certified Energy Managers, Commissioning Authorities, and Certified Energy Auditors. With a deep knowledge and understanding of the energy market, our in-house engineering experts deliver design solutions to power generation, transmission and distribution, and gas industry clients.

Industry Leaders

Our clients appreciate our ability to adapt within the constantly evolving energy market, incorporating the latest advances to help address their environmental, regulatory, and financial challenges. As advocates for our clients and industry leaders, our professionals are active in many of the world’s leading energy-related organizations, including ASHRAE, ASME, NFPA, USGBC, the Building Commissioning Association, the AABC Commissioning Group, the Association of Energy Engineers, and the International Code Council.

Integrated Asset Management

Our clients face increasing pressure to reduce their energy and utility consumption. We work with facility operators and owners to analyze existing systems and energy-saving, cost-effective solutions—tailored to each client’s needs. We optimize systems to increase energy savings and reduce maintenance costs so our clients’ systems are properly commissioned, operated, and maintained, and meet performance objectives.