Resilience is the capacity of a system or enterprise to maintain its core purpose in the face of dramatically changed circumstances. Achieving a reasonable measure of resilience is a critical goal for all organizations and communities, involving careful assessment, planning, and implementation as well as the ability to evolve and adapt as vulnerabilities shift. High-visibility investments in strengthening infrastructure require sound planning and prioritization. At Dewberry, we identify risks, quantify probability of occurrence and potential impacts, create adaptation strategies, and help our clients implement real-world solutions. We maximize resilience by minimizing risks.

Strategic Tools for a Stronger Future

We offer a customized framework that gives our clients the tools, services, and specialized expertise they need as they work toward resilience. We start by listening to our clients' needs to develop the right framework for their operations. Our tools are designed to facilitate assessment and planning, and are tailored to ensure that appropriate documentation and analysis takes place in order to meet emergency funding criteria as may be needed in the future.

Vulnerability Evaluation

We work with our clients to understand vulnerabilities specific to their geography, local industry base, demographics, and operational needs. Our expertise includes evaluating the potential for such threats as floods, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and chemical spills.

Risk Assessment

While addressing vulnerabilities to key systems and services is critical, resources are not infinite. In performing damage estimation and valuation, we help clients assess their overall risk and understand the potential costs associated with those vulnerabilities.

Hazard Mitigation Planning

Robust hazard mitigation plans are key to identifying and prioritizing strategies for managing risk and reducing vulnerability. We have completed many successful plans for communities and states throughout the U.S.

Climate Change Adaptation

By exacerbating hazards, climate change introduces the challenge that our risks in the future may not resemble what we've faced to date. Our work focuses on adaptation strategies that build resilience.

Infrastructure Hardening

We help clients protect vulnerable infrastructure. Our full suite of in-house engineering design services includes transportation, water, site/civil, environmental, and mechanical and electrical engineering to protect assets and maintain operational continuity.

Green Infrastructure, Land Use, and Building Code

Our decades-long work in hazard mitigation and engineering has given us a toolbox of sustainable solutions that can be integrated with existing systems, provide long-term protection, and address regulatory issues. We emphasize community planning to ensure that natural and man-made features complement each other to build resilience.

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