Whether launching the design of a new building or preparing a community for effective emergency operations, successful results begin with sound planning. Our decades of experience in architecture, engineering, and consulting are reflected in our detail-oriented approach to planning and programming—an approach that is based on careful listening and client engagement, thorough documentation, and creative problem-solving and concept development.

Emergency Planning

Throughout the U.S., Dewberry planning and emergency management specialists work with local, state, and federal government agencies to enhance community resilience and plan for emergency operations. Our decades of experience in disaster recovery, combined with expertise in community outreach, hazard identification, facility and infrastructure design and inspection, and GIS and planning services, enables us to support clients as they develop hazard mitigation plans and other guidelines and procedures for emergency management.

Creating Community Dialogue

Our approach to outreach addresses a wide spectrum of community stakeholders and emergency management partners, including public-sector agencies; first responders; volunteer, faith-based, and community organizations; the media; and the private-sector. We assist in creating the framework for collaborative relationships and creating public awareness.

A Detailed Planning Process

With decades of experience, we have crafted a comprehensive, streamlined, and flexible approach to the planning process. Our knowledge of FEMA and other agency requirements enables us to navigate the process and provide complete documentation to merit potential disaster recovery funding and support. We bring multidisciplined skills to every project, including communications specialists, mapping and GIS professionals, and experts in hazard analysis and risk assessment.

Dewberry® Services
  • Emergency operations
  • Hazard mitigation
  • Continuity of operations/government
  • Incident-specific plans (hurricane, terrorism, etc.)
  • Access and functional needs
  • Shelter and mass care
  • Evacuation
  • Family assistance centers
  • Companion animal evacuation and shelter
  • Debris management
  • Mass fatality
  • Community recovery plans

Creating the Architectural Vision

Though our design portfolio is diverse, our approach is consistent. Our architects work closely with building owners and users to create highly efficient, functional, and flexible settings that support facility objectives and enhance the mission of our clients. We provide a thorough analysis of program needs, carefully assessing requirements for each space, evaluating budget parameters, and optimizing design opportunities.

Our meticulous approach during the initial phases of architectural planning and programming, combined with our knowledge of market trends and the latest in building materials and technology, enables us to guide our clients through the critical decision-making processes that yield successful results.

Dewberry® Services
  • Client/user interviews and surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Public outreach and meetings
  • Design charrettes
  • 3-D modeling and multimedia presentations
  • Professional renderings
  • Cost estimating
  • Project scheduling