Land Planning


Our land planning specialists apply their expertise to assessing the physical properties of a land parcel, but that's just the beginning. We also consider the impact that development will have on the overall economy, the environment, and the social welfare of the associated communities.

Working in this dynamic industry where market factors drive the need for constant refining of services to meet unique challenges, our experts are aligned with the 21st-century development climate to help our clients remain competitive in this dynamic industry.

Starting with conceptual planning, we develop a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities and constraints of the land in question - from multiple perspectives such as transportation and infrastructure networks, to smart growth and sustainable design issues. We then incorporate master, entitlement, and jurisdiction planning. With our long history and broad spectrum of experience, we can deliver site designs that make client visions a reality while strengthening the integrity of our communities.

Commercial and Industrial

Our design professionals regularly perform site feasibility assessments and provide recommendations to our clients for site selection, as well as programming and site development design. We serve clients ranging from large retailers and distributors to small municipalities in all sizes of projects - from small erosion stabilization plans to large industrial park designs.

Residential, Mixed-Use, and Urban Infill

Even after more than 60 years of experience, we continue to grow with the needs of our clients, developing mixed-use town centers, infill developments, and subdivisions spanning thousands of acres. Many of our engineers, surveyors, and planners live within the communities and subdivisions that we design. This local presence and understanding of the importance of a community gives us a competitive advantage in working with the public, county officials, and state agencies. It streamlines the residential development and construction process.

Regions that promote dense residential development can benefit from urban infill planning. We recognize that a communication easement can lead to a neighborhood's nature trail, or help us engineer utility and stormwater systems seamlessly within a neighborhood's streets to provide optimum open space.

Dewberry® Services
  • Vision creation and implementation
  • Conceptual design and planning development
  • Entitlement programming, site layouts
  • Master planning and rezoning
  • Design and development guidelines
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