Climate Change


As trusted advisors and strong client advocates, we leverage our existing disaster response, emergency planning, flood risk management, geospatial data management, and water supply expertise to identify high risk communities. Our suite of planning services directly translates into climate change hazard evaluation and adaptation planning for communities and companies. By assessing the effects of climate change on built, human, and environmental systems, we can create long-term goals to reduce vulnerability, and develop emergency mitigation and disaster response strategies.

Helping Communities Adapt to Ever-Changing Environments

Our work is driven by the technologies of tomorrow and informed by lessons learned over our 55-plus-year history. By applying our expertise in GIS technology and tool development we help communities identify how climate change will impact them and their infrastructure and help them adapt to their ever-changing environments.

Our innovative, scenario-based approach for determining the impacts of climate change on communities considers ecological and societal systems, agriculture, aquaculture, buildings, and critical infrastructure. We identify potential impacts, assess risks, and develop risk management strategies related to sea level rise, change in storminess, coastal flooding, and erosion.

Our studies result from risk assessments, flood risk management strategies, public policy, planning and zoning, codes and standards, and resource management. Strategies are evaluated by estimated economic impacts, regulatory costs, implementation costs, and stakeholder acceptance. Outreach is developed and evaluated simultaneously.

Transforming Climate Change Data into Strategies and Tools

Not only does climate change amplify the threat and impact of existing hazards on the built environment and natural ecosystems, it creates new hazards that demand new planning approaches. Our adaptation planning process includes the transformation of data into strategies and decision-support tools.

Additionally, we provide agency training, community outreach, innovative funding approaches, and other support to successfully implement adaptive strategies to reduce vulnerability and foster sustainability and disaster resistance.

Our holistic approach helps communities reduce the impact of natural and/or manmade hazards. We see beyond standard requirements to anticipate our clients' long-term challenges; allowing us to deliver practical, tailored solutions that provide real results.

Dewberry® Services
  • Adaptation planning
  • Coastal analysis
  • Downscaling global circulation models
  • Extreme weather event analysis
  • GIS analysis
  • Hydrology and hydraulics
  • Hazard mitigation planning
  • Program development and management
  • Funding analysis
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Sea level rise analysis
  • Short and long-term water resources planning