NCDOT Aquatic Survey Projects

Performing mussel and aquatic species surveys
North Carolina

As part of our on-call contract with the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s (NCDOT) Environmental Analysis Unit - Natural Environment Section, our environmental team prepared natural resources reports, conducted protected species surveys, and provided strategic advisory services on regulatory and protected species issues. Our aquatic biologists conducted surveys for multiple protected aquatic species, including freshwater mussels, fish, and salamanders at sites throughout North Carolina. Species targeted during surveys included  the Dwarf Wedgemussel and Atlantic Pigtoe in the Neuse River and tributaries across Wake County; the Cape Fear Shiner and Atlantic Pigtoe in Lee and Moore counties; the Neuse River Waterdog, Carolina Madtom, Atlantic Pigtoe, Tar River Spinymussel, and the Yellow Lance in Halifax and Greene counties; and the Roanoke Logperch and James Spinymussel in Caswell County. 


unique species surveyed

No federally listed species were found during the surveys, however, two species that are listed as threatened in North Carolina (Eastern Lampmussel and Triangle Floater), as well as one species that is listed as special concern in North Carolina (Roanoke Slabshell) were found. 

These surveys enabled NCDOT to proceed with the final design and construction of bridge replacement projects with the knowledge that no federally protected species would be impacted.


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