Poinciana Parkway Design-Build

Connecting Communities while Protecting Natural Habitats
Kissimmee, Florida

A retirement community founded in the 1960s, Poinciana's population increase over the past two decades caused one of the worst small-city commutes in the country. The 10-mile Poinciana Parkway is the first link to a limited access toll network throughout Osceola County. It's a key northern transportation corridor with access to regional transportation networks; theme parks; and metro Orlando's employment, shopping, and entertainment markets.


acres of swampland



Originally proposed in the 1990s, parkway development was halted during the recession. Design was made more difficult in later years when Reedy Creek Swamp was reclaimed as a mitigation bank. To adhere to the new environmental requirements, we designed a 6,200-foot reinforced concrete bridge over the mitigation bank with a specially designed arc that allows sunlight to reach ecosystems underneath the superstructure. We advocated for the use of low-pressure, segmented barges during construction and carefully monitored silt barriers to minimally impact the fragile environment.


Osceola County Expressway Authority


10 miles


$68.8 million


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