MacDill Air Force Base Critical Energy Solution

Two Million Square Feet of Mission Critical Energy Solutions
Tampa, Florida

When the MacDill Air Force Base's Reserve Headquarters chiller failed, the temporary cooling unit reached only minimal levels of occupant comfort. After demolishing the original chiller, we identified, procured, installed, and tested a new 80-ton replacement. In the flight simulator building, one of the chillers had failed and the other was on its last leg. If cooling was lost during any part of design, demolition, or installation, substantial damage to the simulator's computer system could have occurred. Our solution included two new chillers, two new variable primary pumps, new piping, a new hydraulic room fan coil unit, two new wall-mounted de-stratification fans, and replacement of the existing hydraulic air conditioning unit without interrupting cooling to mission critical rooms.


kWh annual electrical energy savings


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Our retro-commissioning program identified cost-effective energy-saving improvements to equipment maintenance and capital improvement projects across 89 buildings. Our energy-reducing strategies included duct static pressure setbacks, effective temperature resets, improved equipment scheduling, and effective ambient equipment lockouts. Equipment repairs and modifications included the replacement of control valves, actuators, and sensors along with control sensor calibration, HVAC diagnostics, and other routine preventative maintenance services.


MacDill Air Force Base


CBRE, Inc.

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