University of Virginia 35kV Routing Study and Design

A Unique Partnership for Power Reliability
Charlottesville, Virginia

In an effort to reduce campus-wide power outages by approximately 90 percent, the University of Virginia (UVA) and Dominion Energy, formerly Dominion Virginia Power, created a unique partnership. Based on a joint investigation, the two entities elected to replace the existing overhead 35kV distribution lines across three miles in underground concrete encased ductbank and vaults. We were selected to work closely with UVA and Dominion Energy to provide a conceptual study, routing study, and a final design of the ductbank.


reduction in power outages

To select the most appropriate route, we analyzed 40 options and evaluated more than 100 unique factors for each, including transportation, environmental impacts, cultural resources, and land use impacts. Our team developed a matrix around UVA's critical success factors to analyze the options, which was the most critical tool for the selection process.




$10.5 million


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