Rooftop Solar System

Relieving the Grid Through Sustainable Energy
Douglas County, Colorado

The Aurora warehouse rooftop system was part of a portfolio of three warehouse solar projects located throughout the country for one client. This system is a 1.5-megawatt solar system comprised of 4,272 individual modules roof-mounted onto a warehouse. The goal of the project was to offset energy demands on the grid and provide a more cost-effective power source for the warehouse and a more sustainable form of energy for the community. 






Mph windspeed resilience

Our team provided civil, electrical, and structural engineering; land use permitting; construction drawings; and construction administration services.

We faced a unique challenge because of the system’s location in Colorado. The roof needed to not only be able to withstand the weight of the solar panels, but also the possible weight of snow. By reviewing the building design drawings, inspecting the building for conformance with the design, and performing a structural analysis for various rooftop areas, we were able to design the system to take extra weight without exceeding the roof’s capacity. In addition to this, the system was also designed to withstand up to 115 mile per hour winds.  


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