National Enhanced Elevation Assessment Final Report

Revised March 29, 2012

The National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA) was performed to document national requirements for improved elevation data, estimate the benefits and costs of meeting these requirements, and evaluate multiple national enhanced program implementation scenarios. The study was sponsored by member agencies of the National Digital Elevation Program and was completed December 2011. Study participants included 34 federal agencies, 50 states, and selected local governments and tribes, as well as private and not-for-profit organizations. An analysis of the results showed that an improved national program has the potential to generate $1.2-billion to $13-billion in new benefits each year once fully operational. The report was developed by Dewberry under contract to the USGS. The findings build on similar results documented by the National Research Council, federal agencies, and numerous state reports. Questions regarding the report should be directed to the USGS at [email protected].

Report Downloads

NEEA Final Report

Appendix A: NED Release Notes

Appendix B: Federal Agency Functional Activities

Appendix C: State, Territory & Local Functional Activities

Appendix D: Nongovernmental Functional Activities

Appendix E: Business Use Requirements & Benefits

Appendix F: Benefit Cost Analysis Process

Appendix G: Technology Trends & Risk Considerations

Appendix H: IT Infrastructure

Appendix I: USGS LiDAR Guidelines & Base Specs

Appendix J: Online Questionnaire