3D Nation Elevation Requirements
and Benefits Study

The 3D Nation Elevation Requirements and Benefits Study was performed to document national requirements for improved topographic and bathymetric elevation data, estimate the benefits and costs of meeting these requirements, and evaluate multiple national enhanced program implementation scenarios. Study participants included 45 federal agencies, 56 states and territories, and 58 non-governmental organizations. An analysis of the results showed that an improved national elevation program has the potential to generate $13.5 -billion in new benefits each year once fully operational. The study was sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Geological Survey and was completed in September 2022. Questions regarding the report should be directed to NOAA and [email protected]. The report was developed by Dewberry under contract to NOAA.

Report Downloads

3D Nation Study Final Report

Appendix A: Questionnaire

Appendix B: Frequently Asked Questions

Appendix C: Benefits Examples

Appendix D: Geodatabase Data Dictionary and Diagram

Appendix E: Business Uses

Appendix F: Federal Agency Mission Critical Activities

Appendix G: State Mission Critical Activities

Appendix H: Private Mission Critical Activities

Appendix I: Non-for-Profit and Association Mission Critical Activities

Appendix J: Quality Level and Update Frequency Maps

Appendix K: Benefit Cost Analysis Results

Appendix L: Technology Trends and Risk Considerations

Appendix M: Program Management Lifecycle Considerations