Westphalia Town Center

A Pedestrian and Transit-oriented Mixed-use Regional Center
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

We prepared the conceptual and detailed site plan for the Westphalia Town Center project within the Washington metropolitan region along Pennsylvania Avenue (Maryland Route 4) with connections to Suitland Parkway and the Capital Beltway. Comprised of eight development areas, the center was designed as a pedestrian and transit-oriented, mixed-use regional center with retail, housing, employment, hospitality, and civic uses. The aim was to create an urban identity that is efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and diverse in land use, density, and dwelling types. An interconnected road and transit network organize the center, through which public and private amenities, parks and greenways, employment, shopping, and housing opportunities are easily accessible. Each of the development areas has its own identity and character and includes a mix of housing, retail, and commercial space. A variety of open spaces and wide boulevards define the distinct neighborhoods, while acting as community gateways and enhancing interaction in the areas around the edge of the development.


residential units


SF retail space


SF commercial space

Our services included master planning, conceptual land planning, preliminary and final design of the Maryland Route 223 and Pennsylvania Avenue (Maryland Route 4) interchange and associated arterial roadway improvements, planning and design of major utility infrastructure, final land development design, and construction phase professional services.


Walton Global Investments LLC

Square Footage

530 acres


$110 million


  • Engineering
  • Geospatial, Mapping and Survey


  • Real Estate and Commercial Development
  • Transportation


  • Mid-Atlantic