USACE Baltimore District Electrical Panel Inventory

Supporting Facility Asset Management
Tobyhanna Army Depot, Pennsylvania

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) needed to more effectively manage its facility and electrical system operations, management, and safety requirements at the Tobyhanna Army Depot. As part of a joint venture with Buchart Horn, we provided facility asset management support and completed a comprehensive inventory of the facilities' more than 3,000 electrical panels. This data was made accessible on mobile devices to enable real-time decision-making.


electrical panels inventoried

Since the data collection was done indoors, we were not able to use GPS to determine panel locations. Instead, they were measured from known indoor physical structures using measuring tapes and laser range finders then cross-referenced with highly accurate as-built CAD drawings of the buildings. We used mobile tablets and a customized data collection application to enable our geospatial analysts, subcontracted electricians, and Tobyhanna engineers to collect and update the data and photographs for the electrical panels and seamlessly incorporate the data into an ArcGIS v.10 geodatabase.


USACE Baltimore District


Buchart Horn/Dewberry Joint Venture LLC


$2.5 million


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  • Geospatial, Mapping and Survey


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