Stanislaus County Jail and Public Safety Center Expansion

Designing a Facility to Help Reduce Recidivism
Modesto, California

As part of a design-build team with Hensel Phelps, we served as the architect of record and provided interior design, planning/programming, and security design for the two-phase expansion of Stanislaus County's Jail and Public Safety Center—the largest capital project ever launched by the county government and the first project in the state to be completed under the 2011 Assembly Bill 900 public safety realignment initiative.





housing units

The jail consists of two maximum security housing units with 480 beds, a medical and mental health housing unit with 57 beds, a health services unit, security control center, and necessary circulation and common space. A new intake, release, and transportation center was included in the design, which also houses the facility administration, visitor lobby, staff support, and inmate property storage. This facility is intended to increase the county jail's housing capacity, easing the overcrowding issue, as well as provide the ability to launch new programs aimed at reducing recidivism rates.


Stanislaus County

Square Footage

170,903 SF


$87.2 million


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