Saint Peter's Healthcare System Solar Installation Program

Green Technology Benefits an Entire Community
New Brunswick, New Jersey

To make the best use of Saint Peter's Healthcare System's existing infrastructure, we provided engineering services for a solar panel installation program on buildings, parking lots, and parking decks. This renewable energy source will help offset the Healthcare System's reliance on traditional utilities and power multiple system facilities in New Brunswick and Franklin, New Jersey.


MW solar farm

$10 million

saved over the next 25 years

Our biggest challenge was overcoming the tight timeline and performance benchmarks set by funding sources. In just over a year, we moved the project through design, approval, permitting, construction, and final sign-off. We also coordinated the design of the structures amid a dense urban network of subsurface utilities.


Saint Peter's Healthcare System


$9.1 million


  • Engineering


  • Energy
  • Health and Wellness


  • Northeast