Rueter-Hess Water Purification Facility

Groundbreaking Ceramic Filter Technology
Parker, Colorado

In response to declining groundwater levels in Denver Basin aquifers, communities in the southeastern Denver metro area actively sought alternative water supplies. To meet this challenge, we designed the nation's first, large-scale potable water treatment facility to use ceramic membrane filter technology. The new Rueter-Hess Water Purification Facility—designed for the Parker Water and Sanitation District in Parker, Colorado—treats a combination of local surface water, alluvial water, and water recycled from reclamation plants. 


use of ceramic membrane filters in drinking water treatment facility in the U.S.


MGD drinking water treatment facility

In addition, the facility uses an innovative recirculating powdered activated carbon (PAC) system to efficiently remove dissolved organic carbon compounds, such as pharmaceuticals, taste and odor compounds, disinfection byproduct precursors, and other unregulated trace organics prior to filtration.


Parker Water & Sanitation District


$50 million


2016 Grand Prize for Environmental Sustainability, Excellence in Environmental Engineering & Science

American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists


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