OSU North Hall and State Medical Examiner’s Office

Co-Locating a Medical Academic and Administration Facility with a State Medical Examiner’s Office
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Adorned with a similar material palette and featuring the skin-inspired orange panels of the Oklahoma State University (OSU) A. R. & Marylouise Tandy Medical Academic Building, this four-story, 120,000-square-foot facility seamlessly connects to the campus. Offering views of downtown Tulsa through its expansive windows, the building includes cutting-edge laboratories and classrooms for anatomy and neuro-anatomy programs, and office space for the Center for Rural Health, American Indians in Medicine and Science, and the Center for Health Systems Innovation.




SF of medical examiner space


office spaces


conference rooms and meeting rooms

Other spaces within the building include an information technology department, conference rooms, and clinical education. The top floor houses the president, provost, administration, research offices, and the executive board room. A separate entrance serves the State of Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office serving Eastern Oklahoma, which features state-of-the-art autopsy laboratories, imaging equipment, a sally port, a staff break room, offices, and an overnight stay suite.

Design goals included safety, workflow efficiency, and evidence preservation. The medical examiner designed autopsy tables for bariatric corpses, and our team worked with the manufacturer to produce them to the desired specifications. The natural and direct lighting blend eliminated the need for the typical operating room light fixtures. The connection between the medical examiner office and the academic health center facilitates academic requirements. 


Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences


Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences


2023 Honor Award

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Eastern Oklahoma

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$41 million


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