Loudoun County Courts Complex Expansion, Phase III

Expanding a Historic Court District in Leesburg
Leesburg, Virginia

We are working in conjunction with Loudoun County on the expansion of the existing courthouse in the heart of the Town of Leesburg’s historic district. The expansion includes design and construction of a new district courts building, renovation to two existing historic courts buildings, and the design and construction of a structured parking garage.


Unbuilt Award of Honor, AIA Orlando

We performed a comprehensive programming and master planning effort to define the project requirements through 2030 as well as the siting of the new district courts building, parking garage, and layouts for the backfill of the existing courthouse when district functions relocate into the new building. We completed the design for both the courthouse and parking garage and are currently providing construction services for the completion of the garage prior to construction of the courthouse.

The new free standing district court facility was designed to meet all the requirements of the historic guidelines, and expands the court’s presence and impact on downtown Leesburg. The courthouse itself was designed to blend seamlessly with the existing courts campus while also remaining in scale with the surrounding Leesburg structures. It is historically contextual, yet has the modern features required for a functioning court system in the 21st century. The design includes a public open space in front of the courthouse while still providing the security needed for safe courts operations. The new courthouse will connect to the existing courts building through an underground tunnel.

The project is seeking LEED® Silver certification. 


Unbuilt Award of Honor

AIA Orlando, 2015


Loudoun County, Virginia

Square Footage

92,000 GSF


$54.6 million (est.)


  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Geospatial, Mapping and Survey
  • Planning, Consulting and Advisory


  • Justice


  • Mid-Atlantic