Los Angeles Department of Public Works Headquarters

Designing a 550-Ton Chiller Replacement
Los Angeles, California

We provided project, construction, and schedule management for the design-build chiller replacement at the Los Angeles Department of Public Works headquarters.


kw annual energy savings


annual cost savings


year simple payback

The new chiller has a 30-year operating life with low power consumption, low maintenance costs, and high reliability. We retrofitted the existing direct digital control (DDC) system to interface with the new chiller and conducted a full energy analysis, including validating energy and cost savings estimates, commissioning, and overseeing refrigerant monitoring system installation. We reviewed pre-project models and audit reports completed by a third-party and compared anticipated inputs against live readouts. As a result, we were able to modify the condenser water supply temperature setpoint model by 18 degrees to meet manufacturer recommendations between chilled and condensed water temperatures. We also designed the lift, rig, and safety plans in order to install the 550-ton chiller into the 14-story building.

Our energy models project optimized savings of 673,794 kWh and $122,293 savings per year with a simple payback of seven years.


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