Lincoln Community Center

Transforming an Aging Elementary School into a Vibrant Community Center
Highland, Indiana

The Highland Parks and Recreation Department acquired and remodeled the Lincoln Center in 1982, then added a 38,000-square-foot field house in 1997. In order to transform the aging 1945 former elementary school into a vibrant community center, we demolished 35,105 square feet, constructed a 35,559-square-foot addition, and remodeled 49,965 square feet.


square feet demolished


square feet added


square feet remodeled

The Lincoln Center is now a family-friendly destination with new programs; expanded and improved services; and increased rental space, multipurpose space, and storage. An improved parking and entry sequence promotes safety and now provides convenient access to all areas of the facility. The new community center has reinforced a sense of community pride and strength within the neighborhood.


Highland Parks & Recreation

Square Footage

50,000 SF Renovation
35,600 SF Addition


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