Lancaster County Adult Detention Facility

Creating a Safe, Secure, and Therapeutic Environment
Lincoln, Nebraska

To provide the Lancaster County Department of Corrections a safe, secure, and humane environment for inmates and staff, we consolidated their two separate facilities into one. Using an inclusive community design studio concept, we invited community stakeholders to be an important part of the planning and design process, as well as community re-entry coordination during the construction phase. The community design studio supported interactive workshops, full-scale mock-ups, and testing of various manufacturers' products

Our facility design reinforces a balance of security and cost effectiveness, while meeting long-term incarceration needs, programmatic opportunities to change inmate behavior, and improved public safety.


Lancaster County Board of Commissioners


Lancaster Sheriff's Department


Merit Award

AIA/AAJ Justice Facilities Review

Square Footage

289,000 SF


$65 million


  • Architecture


  • Justice


  • Midwest