Houston Methodist Hospital Logistics Service Center

Innovative Modular Design for a Large Distribution Center
Katy, Texas

Houston Methodist engaged our design team to consolidate its logistics operations from multiple sites to a single leased space. To accomplish this, we designed the 1.3 million-square-foot distribution center cross-dock lease space that includes high-piled storage, secured IT storage, a biomedical department repair shop, a truck fleet shop, an employee fitness center, off-site training rooms, and office space. 


high-cube cargo containers


feet from inbound dock door to outbound dock door


cubic feet of high-piled storage

The client had a vision of using shipping containers to add office space, restrooms, and conference space to this large warehouse. As this is a leased space, we focused on reducing permanent impact to the base building. Our design team incorporated modified shipping containers for warehouse floor staff offices and conference rooms so that they can be relocated to a new lease space when needed. Another non-permanent design feature is incorporating ceiling-mounted projectors that project information on the ground in lieu of traditional painted markers or stickers. Separate paths of travel for forklifts and pedestrians and flashing stop signs and warning signs will be projected at points of intersection.   

Special attention has been given to employee mental health by providing a fitness center with weights, cardio machines, full private locker rooms with showers, and by preserving the natural light from the base building clerestory windows and skylights. The design looked for ways to reduce permanent impact to the base building.  

We served as the prime design firm, providing planning, programming, architecture, and interior design services. 


Houston Methodist Hospital


Houston Methodist Hospital

Square Footage

290,000 SF
245,000 SF ground floor
45,000 SF mezzanine


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