Hillsborough County Public Safety Operations Complex

New Center Enables Local Government to Monitor, Prepare, and Respond to Emergencies
Tampa, Florida

As part of a design-build team with Clark Construction and with the county's input, we designed this public safety operations complex, which accommodates 276 personnel and consists of four major components: an incident command center for 24/7 operations during emergency activations, emergency dispatch center, fire-rescue fleet maintenance, and fire-rescue training. The main building is constructed to withstand 200 mile per hour, category 5 hurricane force winds, with 11-inch thick concrete walls and large missile impact resistant (level E) windows and doors. The complex can maintain operations independent of outside utilities—such as electric, water, and sewer—for three days and provide countywide communication for public safety and emergency management operations. It also houses the county's primary data center.



The exterior fire training area was incorporated into the master plan through site analysis and site access control by defining secure and public zones and providing proper training separation from buildings/neighbors/props for accessibility, training, and safety. Future expansion for more training facilities were also designed into the master plan. The collaboration of the design team and county not only delivered a cost-effective project, but also crafted a civic campus that Hillsborough County and the emergency and fire-rescue staff can be proud of every day.


Hillsborough County


Clark Construction Group


2017 Gulf Coast Construction Excellence Award for Public Safety

Associated Builders and Contractors

Square Footage

91,250 SF


$24.5 million


  • Architecture


  • Community Facilities
  • Risk, Response and Recovery


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