Columbia County Detention Facility

Expanding a Multi-Function Correctional Facility
Lake City, Florida

We provided planning and design for the expansion of a 37,514-square-foot detention center in northern Florida. The 264-bed Columbia County Detention Facility (CCDF) allows for the classification of nine various population groups for males, females, and juveniles within its secured perimeter. CCDF offers the flexibility to meet the county’s needs for diversification of its clients, and includes a highly-efficient design which allows for the total sight and sound separation of the juvenile and female populations from the male population.


bed detention center


various population groups

CCDF includes a highly efficient design for the intake-transfer and release process, allowing for the total sight and sound separation of juveniles and females from the male population. Within sight observation from the booking station is a centralized indoor recreation room accessible from two secure corridors. Multi-use programming spaces, first appearance arraignment, classification offices, and face-to-face visitation are grouped by a nearby open corporal station, which allows for direct supervision of these functions, as well as for the observation of general population movements throughout the core area to visitation staging rooms and medical waiting areas.

Since the project is located in an area prone to the effects of hurricanes, we provided for a full service kitchen, refrigerated storage, commissary and a maintenance shop to ensure that the facility can maintain operations during a natural crisis. Moreover, as a further precaution, the entire facility is backed up by an emergency generator and is served by an efficient state of the art HVAC and smoke evacuation system.


Columbia County, FL

Square Footage

86,000 SF


$27 million (est.)


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