Coe College Athletic and Recreation Complex

Elevating Existing Facilities through Modernization and Increased Capacity
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Coe College aimed to elevate its athletic and recreation facilities to the level of its closest competitors. To do so, the college and our design team focused on three primary objectives:

  • Increase court space for practices and intramural sports
  • Make better use of the existing athletics and recreation buildings
  • Provide modern locker rooms with a designated locker for each athlete

To achieve these objectives, the design team worked closely with Coe’s college administration and the athletic department. Prior to the work, three buildings served Coe College’s athletics and recreation programs: the 1930s Eby Fieldhouse, a 1970s natatorium addition, and the Clark Racquet Center, which is located across the street. Building additions and a fitness bridge now connect the facilities into one complex— improving functionality and bringing an updated image to the college.


square-foot addition


square-foot renovation


seat performance arena

The addition of a dedicated performance arena with its own entry, ticketing, concessions, and other game day amenities freed up court space in Eby Fieldhouse. With this space, another intramural court was added. Additionally, the wrestling program was moved out of Eby Fieldhouse and into an expanded wrestling suite that includes new amenities like a sauna and cold tub.

A newly constructed and equipped weight room and fitness area open to all of Coe’s student population allowed space for each of the college’s nearly 500 student athletes to receive a locker on the lower level of the fieldhouse.

This project modernized the facilities while the through-building additions added capacity. By wrapping older buildings with new additions, a refreshed exterior image was created; and by designing the additions to the fieldhouse, the most visible and valued student spaces, the college will also maximize the impact on its recruiting efforts.

Within the newly renovated facility, Coe College’s Kohawk spirit is strong, and the facility now rivals the best in the conference.


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Coe College


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Square Footage

65,700 SF addition / 50,500 SF renovation


$18.4 million


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