Bayou La Batre Watershed Management Plan

Preserving a Community's Most Valued Assets
Bayou La Batre, Alabama

With funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation's Gulf Environment Benefit Fund, we helped develop a watershed management plan for Bayou La Batre that serves as a roadmap for conservation, natural habitat improvements, water quality restoration, and community development as it relates to the watershed. Managed by the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program, the plan charts a conceptual course for restoring, improving, and protecting what people value most about living along Alabama's coast.


acres of watershed

Although closely associated with the City of Bayou La Batre, the watershed extends well beyond city limits and includes substantial amounts of forest and agricultural land. In addition to the science and engineering aspects of the watershed management plan, we also analyzed ways to enhance and preserve the watershed's unique culture and heritage. In the near future, we will be developing additional watershed management plans for surrounding watersheds.


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