Dewberry Awarded Two NJTPA Bridge Studies

For Immediate Release
Fairfax, VA | 07.15.2020

Firm will provide local concept development for the Oradell Avenue Bridge and Great Road Bridge.

Dewberry has been selected by the New Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) to provide local concept development (LCD) studies for the Oradell Avenue Bridge in Bergen County and the Great Road Bridge in Somerset County.

The Oradell Avenue Bridge over the Hackensack River is a major connector for a residential neighborhood and Oradell’s downtown business district. Between 17,000 and 25,000 vehicles travel across the bridge daily, as well as heavy pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The LCD study will address the structural and geometric deficiencies of the bridge and produce recommendations to improve safety.

Great Road Bridge (CR 601) over Bedens Brook in Montgomery Township runs parallel to Route 206 and is used as a detour when Route 206 is closed due to crashes. Nearly 5,000 vehicles travel over the bridge daily. The study will determine appropriate improvements to the bridge, including addressing structural deficiencies and increasing safety.

“We are excited to work with NJTPA, Bergen County, and Somerset County to work on these LCD studies that address the structure and safety of these crucial bridges for the local communities,” says Dewberry Vice President and Project Manager Richard Menino, PE.

Dewberry has performed more than 30 concept development and scoping bridge replacement projects throughout New Jersey.

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