State Local


For more than 50 years, Dewberry has partnered with state and local governments, helping to improve communities with comprehensive services in planning, infrastructure engineering, facility design, asset management, and emergency planning. Our long record of successful projects with state and local agencies enables us to offer expert skills and practical guidance that help maximize state and local budgets to ensure successful project outcomes.

Whether working in rural communities or major metropolitan areas, we are knowledgeable about the mechanisms of project delivery, from the identification of funding sources through post-construction support. We have worked with many government agencies to take advantage of alternative delivery methods, including public-private partnerships that enable major infrastructure and facility initiatives to move forward.

Boosting Economies

With deep roots in communities throughout the U.S., Dewberry collaborates in all phases of project and program development to help grow and revitalize economies, attract business and industry, promote education and job training, develop solid infrastructure networks, and strengthen civic identity and purpose. We have helped plan and engineer water and wastewater systems, roadways, and telecommunications networks. We offer extensive knowledge of local environmental and other regulatory requirements. Our GIS and mapping expertise helps communities manage resources, while our emergency management specialists help prepare communities and build long-term resilience.

Enduring Relationships

We have designed numerous facilities for state and local government clients, including courthouses, correctional facilities, police headquarters and training facilities, fire and rescue facilities, emergency operations centers, municipal office buildings, storage facilities, civic centers, museums, municipal parks, and industrial parks. We value our long-held relationships with communities and state governments, and seek to meet and surpass their every expectation for our services.