Summer Internship Experience at Dewberry

This summer, we welcomed 122 interns into Dewberry’s summer internship program. These interns represent 59 different universities and 35 Dewberry office locations. During their time in the program, interns gain hands-on project experience, develop technical skills, and put their classroom knowledge into action. Each intern is provided meaningful work and given the opportunity to work on the same projects they would be working on as a full-time employee.

In addition, interns have the chance to network with different interns, staff, and senior leaders across the business in daily work and office events, learn about the industry, attend professional development workshops, and participate in a summer-long group project to address current issues which will impact Dewberry’s future strategy.

We asked our interns to reflect on and share their experiences in the program as they begin to wrap up their time here.

Why did you decide to intern with Dewberry?

David Tauman, Lehigh University, Bridges and Structures Engineering, Bloomfield, New Jersey
“In high school I attended an engineering day at Rutgers University. I sat in on an informative session about civil engineering hosted by Dewberry and was amazed by the passion of the presenter for his job. It helped me realize that civil engineering connected my interests of engineering and social impact. I kept in touch with the presenter throughout high school and attended Lehigh University for civil engineering. Four years later, I still love my major and have finally gotten the opportunity to be an intern at Dewberry. It feels great to have things come full circle and to be working at the company that helped me find the right engineering discipline for me.”

Layan Mudallal, California State Polytechnic University at Pomona, Architecture, Pasadena, California
“I chose to do an internship with Dewberry because of how well-rounded the company is. I was interested in the variety of projects the company works on in many different fields of work, which gives me the chance to learn valuable work skills and gain useful experience in many different fields. Dewberry also offers a diverse range of experiences from working on projects with the office, to working with other interns at different locations, and I find it extremely interesting to work with students with various majors and backgrounds.”

What was the most exciting thing you've worked on during your internship?

Haroutiun Kglyan, California State University, Fresno, Transportation Engineering, Fresno, California
“I am working on the expansion of State Route 41. It is a freeway that my friends, family, and I use, so it is exciting to have a hand in its improvement.”

Gabriella Griffonetti, North Carolina State University, Communications, Raleigh, North Carolina
“I have loved working on content for Dewberry’s website and social media platforms! It has been so fun meeting so many people and learning about all the awesome projects Dewberry is working on—and it’s always exciting to see your work published for a larger audience too!”

Interns in Raleigh, North Carolina prepare for a day in the field.
Interns in Raleigh, North Carolina prepare for a day in the field. 

Catherine McDonnell, Rutgers University, Geotechnical Engineering, Bloomfield, New Jersey
“I have been fortunate to have many opportunities to go into the field, including a visit to the interchange connecting Interstate 80 to NJ Route 15 in northern New Jersey. At this site, I conducted many soil boring inspections and classified soil samples.”

Emerging Professionals from Dewberry’s Bloomfield, New Jersey, office enjoy connecting over lunch.
Emerging Professionals from Dewberry’s Bloomfield, New Jersey, office enjoy connecting over lunch.

What was the biggest lesson you learned this summer?

Lauren Miles, Virginia Tech, Market Research, Fairfax, Virginia
“While working at Dewberry, I have learned that to grow and learn in your field, it's important to take on projects that feel challenging to you. Every project is a chance to learn something new and expand your skills and knowledge!”

Dewberry’s headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, hosted an ice cream social for employees to network and beat the heat.
Dewberry’s headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, hosted an ice cream social for employees to network and beat the heat.

Paul Ambrose, Georgia Institute of Technology, Civil Engineering, Denver, Colorado
“The biggest takeaway for me is to come with questions to any meeting and to be prepared to be a sponge as a young engineer--absorbing all the knowledge and wisdom the more experienced engineers have to offer.”

Payton Losh, Oklahoma State University, Interior Design, Tulsa, Oklahoma
“Hands-on experience is so important and helped me learn a lot! Getting the opportunity to jump into a project, meetings, or site visits taught me a lot about how the firm works and helped me learn a lot about all the details that go into a project.”

What advice would you give to future interns?

Carson Peterson, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Electrical Engineering, Birmingham, Alabama
“Always try and be around the mentors in the office. If you aren't doing anything, go sit around and listen to discussions if you can. That is where I got to learn the most--just sitting there and listening to people talk about problems and solutions to projects.”

Brian Whiteford, Penn State University, Highway and Civil Engineering, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
“Bring a notepad everywhere you go, ask questions on a task you are doing, and get involved with office extracurriculars as much as possible--they are great opportunities to grow your network and grow professionally.”

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