Fresh Ideas: CTCA’s Organic Farm

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) has developed a strong reputation for innovative, patient-centered care since its establishment in 1988. For well over a decade, I've had the opportunity to work closely with CTCA administrators, physicians, medical teams, and patients from coast to coast, and have seen firsthand the thoughtful approach and meticulous detail that CTCA brings to the design of each hospital and clinic. Each project - whether new construction or a renovation - builds upon the lessons learned within other facilities, and strives to support CTCA's treatment model of Patient Empowered Care® (PEC).

More than Bricks and Mortar: Outdoor Amenities

These innovations are not limited to bricks and mortar, or the hospital's technology and cutting-edge equipment. In CTCA's many locations across the U.S., careful consideration is given to each hospital's surroundings and the natural context that can benefit patients, families, and staff. The Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Newnan, Georgia, for example, features a gazebo garden with a swan pond, an outdoor patio for dining complete with a koi pond, two rooftop terraces, fountains, and walkways. Near Phoenix, Arizona, the Western Regional Medical Center also offers beautiful gardens, a roof garden, and water features.

Farm Fresh Produce on Hospital Property

Now, CTCA has added a new outdoor amenity that provides a number of benefits to patients. At the Western Regional Medical Center, CTCA has partnered with a local farmer to create and manage the largest hospital organic farm in the country. The 20-acre farm provides patients with fresh, organic produce grown year-round on the hospital's property. The farm includes a one-acre pond that delivers drip irrigation to each plant on the site and reduces local water usage. A demonstration area will showcase organic gardening techniques and can be used for cooking workshops.

The Western Regional Medical Center employs a chef and a director of nutrition, reflecting a clear commitment to supporting the health and wellness of patients and caregivers. The farm provides fresh food - and a fresh perspective on holistic healthcare.

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