Interning at Dewberry this past summer has been a rewarding experience full of lessons learned! The most beneficial part of my experience was being exposed to so many different disciplines before having to choose which path I want to take for my own career.


I started my summer working with the MEP group. Not only was I introduced to the discipline, but I became familiar with Revit, learning details about the program that haven't yet been taught to me in my school curriculum at Milwaukee School of Engineering. This was extremely beneficial since the industry is increasingly moving toward the direction of using BIM-related software packages to create construction documents.

I also had the opportunity to attend a site visit at a local grade school. I was able to follow along and read the HVAC site plans to see how the plans matched up with the work executed by the contractors.


After working with the MEP engineers, I found a new home shadowing some of Dewberry's technology professionals. I continued to build on my knowledge of Revit—including how to plot sheets and link AutoCAD files, as well as other modeling techniques—while learning the subtleties of data, communication, and security systems. Working with this group showed me the many different ways to accomplish a single task.

Architecture and Interior Design

Next, I worked with Dewberry's architects and interior designers. Most of my time was spent on production work and making changes to plans so they were ready for printing. These tasks really helped me understand the importance of checking and rechecking documents before they are sent to the client.

MEP—Back Again!

To wrap up my summer, I came back to the MEP engineers, where I was introduced to two new programs:

  • As I did production work, I learned many modeling techniques of Microstation
  • While working in AGI, I learned how to place different light fixtures within an arena to perform lighting calculations

I learned about the necessity of standards—which cuts down on confusion and increases efficiency—whether they're specific for a company or used by all disciplines. I worked on coordinating schedules for mechanical systems in Revit between all Dewberry offices. I also edited and compiled electrical details in one location so the engineers can access and use a project detail.

My summer internship experience has really been invaluable. Much of what I learned will stay with me through school and well into my career. As I start my sophomore year, I'm more and more interested in the mechanical aspect of architectural engineering. I can't express enough how the experience I gained working at Dewberry has positively impacted me moving forward.