Mike Dewberry has worked for the firm for nearly a decade, supporting a variety of its practice areas, including construction administration, water/wastewater, and transportation. He currently works as an engineer in the firm’s mid-Atlantic transportation practice, supporting projects for the Virginia Department of Transportation.

“As Dewberry continues to grow, supporting our client’s growing populations and providing solutions to their challenges, I am thrilled to welcome a third generation of the Dewberry family to the firm’s board of directors,” says Executive Chairman Barry K. Dewberry.

Dewberry CEO Donald E. Stone, Jr. adds, “As I think about his role as an independent director, I value Mike’s perspective. He continues to immerse himself in our industry and learn what makes our clients successful.”

“I am humbled by the opportunity to continue to serve the company that my grandfather founded, and his children have grown,” says Mike Dewberry. “I have had the pleasure of gaining a diverse understanding of engineering disciplines thus far in my career, and perhaps more importantly, meeting many of the dedicated professionals who have built Dewberry into what it is today. As I look to our future, I see no limit to what all those people who choose to come to work here can accomplish together. Through our work, I am regularly reminded of my grandfather’s vision for the firm – this endeavor has never been about becoming the biggest, but about always being the best.”

About Mike Dewberry

Mike Dewberry joined the firm in the summer of 2014. His career to date has been multidisciplinary, serving state, local, and commercial clients through rotations as a construction inspector, traffic engineer, water/wastewater engineer, and today as a roadway engineer in the mid-Atlantic transportation department.

Mike Dewberry earned his Master of Business Administration from Virginia Tech and his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from George Mason University.