The firm will provide improvements to the chilled water infrastructure system on main campus. The cooling capacity of Central Cooling Plant #1 (CCP#1), located in the Science and Technology Building, will be increased by adding a 1,500-ton water cooled chiller, associated cooling tower, pumps, and hydronic specialties in available shell space. Direct buried chilled water (CHW) piping will be extended from CCP#1 to the Whichard and Graham buildings. Direct buried CHW piping will also be installed to complete the main campus chilled water distribution loop. New electrical switchgear will be provided to serve new equipment and replace obsolete electrical switchgear.

“Our team is thrilled to support ECU’s investment in improving their campus chilled water infrastructure to create a more efficient and resilient system,” says Dewberry Project Manager Jeff Cline, LEED AP BD+C. “Maintaining campus life is one of our primary goals and will be critical to the success of this project.”