Dewberry was the engineer of record for the entire 3-mile limited access bypass. As part of the Contract B project, the firm designed a new 176-foot single-span bypass bridge over the CSX railroad; replaced an existing Route 206 bridge over Royce Brook, Tributary B; designed a new Hamilton Road Bridge over the Route 206 Bypass; and relocated utilities, including a communication provider’s underground fiber-optic trunk line and a 30-inch water main. The bypass alignment was designed to minimize impacts to environmentally sensitive areas, including wetlands, floodplains, and riparian zones. 

“With the completion of Contract B, the entire Route 206 Bypass has been opened to traffic, which is expected to reduce congestion,” says Dewberry Project Manager David Hill, PE.

The bypass will provide convenient access to a planned future rail station, making the town even more attractive for transit commuters. With the project complete, traffic can now use the three-mile bypass, which is expected to decrease congestion on the bypassed portion of existing Route 206 and divert regional traffic from the center of town, allowing the township of Hillsborough to pursue its vision of developing a pedestrian-friendly town center.