As the bridging architect, Dewberry will provide professional services such as program development, site selection and verification, conceptual design, schematic design, and bridging design and documentation.

The new 45,000-square-foot, two-story building will be constructed on a portion of partially developed county-owned property. The site for the new facility will support current functions and future county expansions on the same plot. The final program and bridging design will balance a welcoming space for public-facing functions and secure parking and office space for agency employees and collaborators.  

Dewberry is working directly with the users of this future facility, the Health Services Agency and Public Health Administration, to redevelop the office program and facility operations based on continually developing knowledge and the county’s frontline expertise in managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The vision for the project is to create a workplace that demonstrates the best practices for office design and collaboration in the age of pandemic and social distancing.