One of the nation’s leading firms in geospatial services, Dewberry will assist with collecting, processing, management, and distribution of lidar and photogrammetric data acquired with DOTD’s aircraft, digital camera, and lidar sensor. An on-site Dewberry team will provide continuous training and technical support for acquisition planning, sensor operation, GIS data processing, lidar classification, and lidar-derived products for all elements under the contract.

Dewberry will also assist with updates to the Master Program Management Plan to provide DOTD with the ability to:

  • Develop and maintain a statewide geospatial database for topographic mapping with the assistance of other state agencies and departments
  • Address the creation, structuring, and manipulation of a functional database
  • Adopt a plan for the management and distribution of data to other local, state, and federal agencies as well as private entities

The geospatial data will be used for the management of resources and operations throughout the state. Dewberry will also create quality assurance/quality control protocols for future collection and processing; and assist in the planning and implementation of data storage, backup, archiving, and maintenance on a server or through a cloud service.