Dewberry, along with its joint-venture partner, Gannett Fleming, will provide a full spectrum of engineering and architecture services with a primary focus on the design of civil works structures such as pump stations and water conveyance structures. Coastal engineering, risk assessment, planning and incidental services, including environmental engineering and surveying will also be delivered.

The Jacksonville District area of responsibility includes Florida, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and most of the Caribbean basin islands.

“As a longtime resident of Florida and a native of Puerto Rico, I am pleased to lead Dewberry’s team of talented engineers and architects as we provide the Jacksonville District with high-quality and resilient design deliverables for the next five years,” says Dewberry Associate Vice President and Deputy JV Manager Tony Buitrago, PE, PMP. “Our JV goal is simple: support USACE in the performance of their challenging and expanded mission so they can effectively continue their superb efforts for the 24 million plus U.S. citizens residing in the geographical area of the Jacksonville District.”