The largest single design-bid-build construction contract ever awarded by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Dewberry has been involved with the project for the last 13 years. The project involved the widening and complete reconstruction of 2.5 miles of Interstate I-95/I-495 to alleviate traffic, as well as the construction of nine new bridges and widening of one bridge. Construction was completed in the fall of 2013 in accordance with established schedules and represents the final chapter of the $2.5 billion Woodrow Wilson Bridge Improvement Project.

Local communities and public officials openly lauded VDOT and the designer's ability to improve the local roadway network while avoiding and minimizing impacts to commercial buildings and residential properties.

One local resident commended Dewberry, stating, "Thank you for the great design and elegant construction of the interchange… I feel like you have given me back an hour a day, fifteen days of my life every year that I am not sitting in the back up trying to go north on Telegraph in the morning, and south in the evening. When I consider the number of people who drive through that interchange, it is plain to see that your work has made a tremendous impact on the quality of life around here. You should be proud."

The ACEC/MW EEA recognizes engineering firms for projects that demonstrate a high degree of achievement, value, and ingenuity. The VTCA recognizes outstanding engineering firms' design work in Virginia's transportation industry. The awards are given to firms whose projects increase safety, minimize environmental impact, receive positive public opinion, and benefit pedestrian, bicycle, or transit users.