Safety Program

Safety Through our Work and In Our Communities

One statement you'll hear from Dewberry employees repeatedly is: We help our clients transform their communities and improve quality of life. Safety is integral to this commitment. It's how we approach our work, whether designing a community's roadway or water treatment plant; planning a library that will also serve as a safe haven for youth; or helping officials plan for and mitigate the impacts of a natural disaster.

It's because of our passion for the safety, sustainability, and security of our communities that we are careful about our safety and well-being in the work place.

Dewberry's Safety at Work Program Includes and Supports:
  • Integrating safety as an expectation in our employees' daily activities and work products
  • Organizational structure with informed safety advocates at the local-office level
  • Internal and external outreach through blogs, articles, and other communication outlets
  • Proactive training for all staff
  • Diligence around metrics, reporting, follow-up, and improvement
  • Anonymous hotline
  • Alignment with our clients' specific needs

At Dewberry, we also view safety as encompassing the security of the world's finite natural resources for present and future generations and the responsible stewardship of those resources. Read about Dewberry's sustainability program.