Dewberry at Work


  • Personal integrity. Our first value.
  • Intellectual honesty. Be honest about what you know and don’t know.
  • Direct communication. Clear, direct with respect works best.
  • Have fun. If you are not having fun something is wrong. Make it right.


  • Be the best. It is not about being the biggest company; it is about being the best every time.
  • Compete. Be driven to compete and yes, winning absolutely matters.
  • Deliver quality. You have succeeded when it is done right and delivered when promised.


  • Put the client first. Promote their broader interests.
  • Financial responsibility. Profits are the lifeblood needed to support growth, re-investment and our independence.
  • Build strong relationships. Make building relationships with clients, the community and others at Dewberry a priority.
  • Teamwork. Support one another. Share credit at every opportunity. We are one company.


  • Think for yourself. Creativity, innovation and risk-taking starts with the individual.
  • Self reliance. We are in this together, but you are responsible for your own growth, success and happiness.
  • Own It. Take individual responsibility for what gets done.
  • Follow your instincts. Listen first and last to your own inner voice.


  • Think big. Keep your feet on the ground but reach for the stars.
  • Conserve resources. No one can predict what tomorrow will bring.
  • Focus on the long haul. Real and meaningful success comes through sustained efforts.
  • Stay flexible. Keep our options open.


Number of employees


Locations in 18 states

$463.14 million

2020 revenue


Engineering News-Record Top 500 Design Firms

7,100+ hours

Volunteering in our communities


Fairfax, Virginia