Dewberry's focus on serving and strengthening communities includes a long-held commitment to meeting the needs of educational clients. We have completed more than 1,000 projects in K-12 and higher education facility planning and design. Many of our relationships with local school systems, private schools, community colleges, and public and private colleges and universities have spanned decades and resulted in numerous award-winning projects.

A Client-Focused Perspective

Every school district and college and university campus offers a unique history, context, and vision. Our extensive experience in the educational market enables us to provide unparalleled knowledge. Each project involves a distinctive set of objectives that require a fresh, client-focused perspective and a discerning approach.

Knowledge of the Educational Environment

Our experience includes classroom buildings, laboratories, recreation and wellness centers, libraries, auditoriums, sports complexes, and residential buildings. We have supported our education clients in campus planning, new facilities, major modernizations, and expansions. Our services range from conceptual planning and community engagement to complete design and construction administration, as well as consulting expertise in areas such as vulnerability analyses and hazard mitigation strategies. Our extensive knowledge of educational facility design helps foster the development of flexible, interactive environments that support a variety of instructional approaches. In addition to architecture, our services include building assessments, interior design, technology planning, hazard mitigation planning and disaster-resistant campuses, site/civil engineering, and energy-efficient building systems engineering.

Inspired Solutions

We understand the budget constraints faced by many of our clients, as well as the challenges of meeting difficult schedules and varied program requirements. We address these challenges as opportunities to collaborate with our clients and develop thoughtful, creative solutions that often lead to greater flexibility in the learning environment, long-term building performance, and value.