Public Safety

Architecture: Public Safety

We offer national expertise in public safety and municipal facility design for government agencies and departments of all sizes. Our highly specialized teams work closely with municipal officials and other stakeholders to design buildings that are functional, flexible, and secure; while also projecting a strong civic presence and connection to the communities these agencies serve.

A Focused, Nationally Recognized Approach to Facility Design

Our portfolio of nearly 200 public safety and municipal facilities includes police stations, fire stations, joint municipal complexes, emergency operations centers (EOC), communications/dispatch centers (911/PSAP), and training facilities. More than 60 of our projects in this practice area have been designed to meet LEED® certification criteria, and many have gained national recognition in Justice Facilities Review, Police Chief, Fire Chief, and other publications and awards programs.

We offer a proven, needs-based design process that focuses on efficient operations, advanced technology and security, sustainability, and community access and outreach.

  • The Jack Evans Police Headquarters in Dallas, Texas, is used as an example of how building design can contribute to homeland security....
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